Be Kind

Our survival as a species thus far has depended on our ability to rely on one another. We thrive as people when we embrace empathy for one another and when we are willing to be vulnerable.

We tend to see the need to show empathy as something we do for someone else. Kindness to others is a virtue that is celebrated. We do this and are at the same time critical of ourselves.

Positive change comes from a place of self-love, a place of kindness to oneself. Treating yourself with kindness can come in many forms. Temper your self-talk. Speak to yourself as you would a friend in need of honest compassion and empathy.

There’s a fine line between self-indulgence and self-compassion. One brings about more self-loathing inertia and the other brings about growth and self-discovery. You know a walk in the fresh air is more of a kindness to yourself than having a piece of cake – or whatever your vice is. But, we choose the less kind option for ourselves. Being healthy in mind and body is the greatest kindness we can give ourselves.

Showing kindness to your future self is an investment that will always be worthwhile. Your future self will thank you and your family will also be grateful.

How do you show your future self kindness?

Be kind to yourself now and everyday.

Put your health first.

Forgive yourself.

Love yourself.

Be kind.

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