The Best Day!

When was your ‘best day’?

When were you at your ‘best’?

We often look back at a particular day and place more significance on it for reasons such as marriage, celebration and so on. “That was the best day!” we tell ourselves.

And sometimes we look forward to an occasion or a time in our lives when things will be better and think “That will be the best day ever!”

Well, I think it’s much simpler than that. It’s not some time in the past which can never be regained. It’s not some time in the future which you’re not even guaranteed.

It’s today.

Today is the best day!

I say it to myself every morning. “Today is the best day!” I don’t say it will be the best day. It IS the best day.

It changes everything.

It’s the best day to do something. The best day to get things done. The best day to be alive! The best day to apologise. The best day to exercise. The best day to start over.

Try it. It keeps you in the moment. It makes you happier about your life. It makes you appreciate your life. It gives your day value. And, all you really have is today.

So, when is the best day? Today.

Today is the best day.

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