Love Yourself

“What do you love about yourself?” I asked earlier at the kitchen table as we ate dinner.

This question was met with a mixture of embarrassment, hesitation and genuine confusion.

We were all able to identify what we loved about other members of the family but ourselves?

Now, if I had asked “What do you hate about yourself?” I would have had more lengthy answers, to be sure. But, that’s because we love to criticise ourselves. We’ve done it all our lives. It’s all we know.

And if we see someone who we deem as self-confident or assured with his own abilities, we might say “That guy loves himself!” We see self-love as a fault.

But, we must love ourselves. We must identify what we love about ourselves.

Write it down. Make a list of things you love about yourself. Add to the list as often as you can. Make the self-love grow and the love in your life will grow.

But remember, love yourself.

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