Where to Start?

‘Start with who you wish to become.

Shift to how that person would act.

Shrink to what you can control.’


If you want to change, the best place to start is with a clear idea of who or what you want to become. The clearer the definition, the better.

Write it down. Make sure it’s as close as you can describe to what you feel you really want.

Now, get curious.

How would that new version of me behave? What behaviours would I keep? What behaviours would I add?

What choices would I make on a daily basis?

Write these choices down.

What can I control from this list? What are the smallest, continual changes I can commit to on a medium to long-term basis? How can I track this? How will I measure this?

Write these actions down. Control these actions. Track these actions. Repeat.

If you want to change your life, this is where you start.

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