Self-limiting Doubt

Today I finally did it.  I committed to a name (Spreagadh Saoil – Life Inspiration), a website and, most importantly, I started to tell the world that I am a Coach!

I qualified some months ago as a Personal, Leadership and Executive Coach whilst participating in a thoroughly enjoyable and engaging Diploma with Kingstown College, and as our instructor assured us we were now Coaches and we should go out in to the world and help others I felt enthusiastic, determined and excited about my next steps in to the world of Coaching and helping others.

But weeks passed and months passed and even though I saw my colleagues begin their Coaching journeys in different areas helping a wide variety of clients, I didn’t move.  Yes, I consumed book after book on the subject and listened to hours and hours of Coaching podcasts. But where was my leap of faith? Where was my action? What was stopping me?


I felt I didn’t know enough, I felt I wasn’t able, I thought I was out of my depth.  I was full of self-doubt.

‘What will people think?’ ‘What if people don’t have faith in me?’ ‘What if I’m not good enough?’

Our fear of ‘not being good enough’ has held us all back at some stage.  But today, I decided to feel the fear and do it anyway!

If you want to take action in the face of your own self-doubt, then Coaching is for you.

If you have a dream but never seem to make any progress with it, then Coaching is for you.

And, if you feel that you just want more from life, then Coaching is for you.

Thanks for reading,

Seán Óg

1 Comment

  1. “Be, Do, Have”
    Your honesty is both endearing and inspirational.
    Best of luck with everything you endeavor to do…


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